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By George Siviter-Tims Posted:15/12/21

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During the summer months growth of the EV charger infrastructure has been lacklustre for the amount of ev’s on the road.

During the summer months the growth of the EV charger infrastructure has been lacklustre for the amount of EV’s on the road. According to Zap-Map there were 28,000 public chargers across the UK with 30% of them being in London. In the course of 6 months the government has been able to get the charger infrastructure to increase by 150% to 48,000 chargers.

The expansion of the infrastructure in the UK  is much needed to cope with the increase of EV’s ,up by 80% compared to diesel and petrol vehicles that have seen less market share than last year because of the EV uptake. This is a big jump in the UK in advance of becoming net-zero by 2050.

The government has announced that they are going to be installing 145,000 new charge points across the UK each year to help keep the charger infrastructure up to date. As well as 250,000 new build and workplace chargers installed.
Between 2021 and 2030, the total number of Rapid (50kW DC) charge points is expected to increase 22-fold from the 2020 figure. Among AC chargers, the number of Fast (11-22kW AC) chargers will also grow 13-fold and Slow (3-7kW) chargers will grow at a slower pace (seven-fold). Ultra-rapid chargers are currently the fastest-growing segment but are not expected to occupy a large share overall. 

As well as new homes and non-residential buildings, those undergoing largescale renovations which leaves them with over 10 parking spaces will be required to install electric vehicle charge points.

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